Fill-in Show Episode March 25, 2023

COCKTAILS CAPPUCCINO & COURAGE - Because it takes a lot.

5:59pm - 6:30pm

#RPPSOUND Interviews author Joy Walcott-Francis Ph.D. of about her new book. Uprooted from all that she had come to know and love, forced to acclimatize to a new and different life in the country, Joy yearned to return to the city - to make something of herself – to make her mom proud. Rich with humour and emotion, Cocktails, Cappuccino, and Courage vividly captures the moments of joy, pain, and frustration of the author as she attempts to overcome the challenges that life throws at her.

Caught between cultural and societal expectations of her and the desire to live life on her own terms, Joy takes readers along with her through different moments of time, as she searches for an ever-so elusive success. It is a telling story of tenacity that reminds us to take life in strides, to appreciate every moment in every day, never sweat the small stuff and more importantly, to do our best to live our lives without regrets.

Track Listing:

Pascall, Robin · /n/a