Fill-in Show Episode June 16, 2021

ep2 ~ What a Waste! a Music Waste fill in show episode

4:00pm - 5:11pm

Natalie, Raasika, and Dora waste their time and yours to talk about Music Waste Festival happening THURSDAY, JUNE 17 - SUNDAY, JUNE 20 and all the exceptional and delightful things you can except from the virtual fest

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Track Listing:

New Phone Who Be Dis? (Acoustic)
Adewolf · single
Lightning at Your Funeral
Devours · Escape From Planet Devours
Mr. Bark
Lil_Babeee_4EVA · single
stuck in fuschia
redress · meadowrunning
Bacchus' Crush
Canon Mulat · single
Possi Posse Possibly
Dim Wit · Self-Titled
Funny Death · single
Nivram · good days and bad days EP
Crying in a Corn Maze
Big Rig · single
Maximum Airtime
Snail Gun · single
Never Had
Oblomov · Steady Drip of a Broken Spout
i don't wanna play ur show
Emma Lee Toyoda · i don't wanna play ur show EP
Alright, Fine - Black Lab Mix
Rainbows End · single
Little Sprout · Fake Cake
Clean Ice
Pinch Librarian · Demos
Tonk · Songs to Glorify the Peasant and His Tractor