Fill-in Show Episode February 9, 2021

D or D ~ 2021 Fundrive special

11:02am - 12:05pm

Will you choose D... or D???? It's Fundrive at CiTR & Discorder and dork + darren consider some heavy Qs while encouraging your to donate some $$
Categories are... dungeons or dragons? dicks or disciples? dates or dms? drawing or dancing? donate or donate?

Track Listing:

I'm So Alone
Future Star · When Will the DJ of Luv Grant me My One Request
Elastic ft. Prado, Slim Media Player
ZDBT · single
Two Kids
Devours · Two Kids / Dick Disciple (Double A-Side)
Redress · audionography
I Been Livin
(Liv).e · ...Couldn't Wait to Tell You
Donna Said
Pardoner · single
No Mutuals
Fake Fruit · single
Tuesday Evening at the Dinner Table
Submission Hold · Sackcloth and Ashes, The Ostrich Dies on Monday
Draw Truth
Pinch Librarian · Demos
oud to hanky
scrivener · a signal
Champion Water
Pedagogues · library punks
DEE BEE RICH · Mad Crocodile
I Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go To the Red Zone)
Industrial Priest Overcoasts · I Used to Pick Berries