Fill-in Show Episode February 9, 2021

~comrade love~

10:00am - 10:56am

Hina talks about the most underrated kind of love ~comrade love~ listen to her as she shares her thoughts on the joy and grief that comes with friendships and combined with a bittersweet playlist consisting of songs about platonic love

Track Listing:

Carol King
You've got a friend · Tapestry
Shania Twain
Come on over · Come On Over
The Beatles
A little help from my friends · Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Rembrandts
I’ll be there for you · L.P.
Randy Newman
You’ve got a friend in me · Toy Story
White stripes
We’re going to be friends · White Blood Cells
Raise a little hell · Thick as Thieves
We’re here for a good time (not a long time) · Knock 'Em Dead Kid
The Guess Who
When friends fall out · American Woman
Paul McCartney
Here today · Tug of War
Neil Young
Sugar Mountain · Decade
Joni Mitchell
Circle Game · Ladies of the Canyon