Fill-in Show Episode September 6, 2020

Deliberate Noise live from VSWP: interview with Bedwetters Anonymous

6:29pm - 7:29pm

Playlist of Canadian tunes to get everyone hyped for this year's virtual version of Victory Square Block Party. (fast forward to like 42:00 for the interview with Bedwetters Anonymous!)

Track Listing:

Digging in the Desert
Lié · You Want it Real
Tunnel Vision
Crack Cloud · Pain Olympics
Woolworm · Deserve to Die
Garbage Dreams · Demonstrations
First Floor Apartment
Megamall · Demos
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Bad At Sex
SBDC · Too Bad
Night Creeps
Brutal Poodle · Night Creeps
Plaza People
Dishpit · Plaza People
Passive · No. 3
Debby Friday · Death Drive
I'm Zapped
Freak Heat Waves · Zap the Planet
Triangle Lifestyle
Luge · Luge
Some Big Motor Dream
Dumb · Club Nites
You Lose Continue
Be Afraid · Remember Fun