Fill-in Show Episode September 4, 2020

Muse-ish 015

11:01am - 11:57am

Oooooeeee bbz! We have one of our weirdest most wonderful episodes of museish yet! With found sounds of survivors confronting their abusers in historic note worthy moments, a pep talk from the queen Gaga, and songs that use challenges and/or pain to make great art by fab humans like:
Jack Garratt
Lady Gaga
Avenue Beat
Qveen Herby
Brasstracks ft masago & common
The Budos Band
The Tiny
Eddie Lam
Cheryl Barnes
fka Twigs
and as always my odd-as improvs (this time I include a tender poem though so stick around for that at the end) spronkled thoughout
If you wanna have your sounds, songs, or ideas used and/or turned into improvs slide into any of my DMS (it's always chronfused) or email me at
thanks for tuning in sweet friends!
XxoO - Chronfused
aired on 04/09/2020 sept 4 2020

Track Listing:

intro improv 15
chronfused · muse ish improvs
Rain on me (lady gaga cover)
Jack Garratt · live on BBC
chromatica 2
Lady Gaga · Chromatica
Avenue Beat · single
Qveen Herby · single
Golden Ticket
Brasstracks ft masago & common · single
Gun Metal Grey
The Budos Band · single
Dog eat Dog
The Tiny · single
watermelon improv
chronfused · muse ish improvs
A Badger Named Michael
Eddie Lam · single
easy to be hard
Cheryl Barnes · hair original Broadway cast recording
sad day
fka Twigs · Magdaline
Fly North Monarch/Wildflower Manifestio mash up
chronfused · Artemis Solo Summer Series