Fill-in Show Episode July 10, 2020

Muse-ish 011

11:02am - 12:02pm

Hey! It's muse ish time again! Trying hard to keep it AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE this episode, starting next month there's gonna be a new formula (I'll tell you about that when it starts) for the playlists so enjoy this extra of the moment stuff while you can!
This week we have the new new newest inspiring sounds from:
Devendra Banhart
Andy Shauf
Tee Krispil
Biawanna ft Sammi Morelli, INJA
Horsepowar ft LMNOP
Coco&Clair ft Krayshawn
City Girls ft Doja Cat (aka lentra)
and Rina Sawayama

As well as a super cute improv (that even has a video on my IG if you wanna see how silly I look live) about being in the best place for dance floor pancakes inspired by a pal reminding me that Lazy Syrup Orchestra has a new mix out.
Send your song/improv ideas, your own tunes, or anything that inspires you to
10/07/2020 museish

Track Listing:

intro improv 12
Chronfused · museish improvs
Let's see
Devendra Banhart · MA
Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf · the neon skyline
Colours of Us
Tee Krispil · (single)
Quarentine BB
Biawanna ft Sammi Morelli, INJA · (single)
No Lover
Horsepowar ft LMNOP · (single)
Lay Way
Himalayah · (single)
Perfect pancake placement Jam (lazy syrup ochesra inspired)
Chronfused · museish improvs
Coco&Clair ft Krayshawn · Treat Like Gold
Pussy talk
City Girls ft Doja Cat · City on Lock
Cool Dad (aka lentra) · incentivized unpaid overtime
Rina Sawayama · XS
outro imrpov 12
Chronfused · museish improvs