Fill-in Show Episode March 20, 2020

Muse-ish 004

11:03am - 11:59am

It's my birthday! Travel through time for our first glitch free episode, recorded from my livingroom due to shut downs WE REFUSE TO TALK ABOUT FOR ONCE! This is an early morning party play list featuring Top less Gay love Tekno Party, Tonye, Horsepowar, bbno$ and classic Canadian powerhouses dee-lite and love inc. Enjoy, and remember, if you want to inspire a song email your ideas to
11am-12pm 20/03/2020

Track Listing:

into impro 004
Chronfused · muse-ish improvs
Broken Bones
Love inc. · Love inc.
Life Blowing Mind Changing
Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party · Alotta Miatta
deep fried pickle improv
Chronfused · muse-ish improvs
Tonye · Single
bbno$ · Single
Camera Phone
Horsepowar · Single
song of soup improv
Chronfused · muse-ish improvs
Groove is in the Heart
Dee-lite · World Clique
wrap up improv 004
Chronfused · muse-ish improvs