Fill-in Show Episode February 7, 2020

Fundrive Extravaganza Fill -IN

9:01am - 10:00am

Fill-in for fundrive!

Track Listing:

Charlotte day wilson · Mountains-Single
Lìngua Gural
Grandeza · Sessa
Oswald's Early Night · Oswald's Early Night -Single
Don't Trust Me
The Booyah! Kids · Booyah
Babe Corner · Cigarette - Single
Avril 14th
Aphex Twin · Drukqs
Pinback · Pinback
I never get lonesome
Arthur Russel · Iowa Dream
Now that I'm back
Francis Quinlan · Likewise
Such Slime
Nutrients · Nutrients
Yo La Yengo
You Can Have it All · And Then The World Turned Itself Inside Out
Cloud 9
Beach Bunny · Honey Moon
Not So Bad
Anna Burch · If you're dreaming