Fill-in Show Episode January 13, 2020

Sydney's Experimental Musings

6:00pm - 7:00pm

This week we look into the more "friendly" side of experimental music. Stuff that you wouldn't be afraid to show your mom, but there's no guarantee that she would like it. Maybe one day I'll play some tracks reminiscent of "Prelude To a Broken Arm" by Merzbow, but today, we vibe.

Track Listing:

Mr.Rust · Animalia
Sebaceous Dirigibles · Modern Art
Melancholy Undertow
Eric J. Breitenbach · Inverter
Cutting The Fat
Go Ghetto Tiger · Backstage At a Puppet Show
Nico Swim · Lua
Jordan Hughes · The Preacher
Better Daze
Bear Naked Noise · The Right To Arm Bears!
Bubble Gun Wrapper
NOPE AIN'T · A Glee Arse
Dead Slumlord
Holzkopf · Winter Depression Instrumentals
Tree · Mercurian Mysteries
Laurel Halo · Chance Of Rain