Fill-in Show Episode January 10, 2020

Muse - ish demo

11:11am - 11:55am

after some technical difficulties and a quick rescue by the citr crew come along with your host Chronfused as she talks about what inspires her (and you) and uses that to spark a whole new improvised song!

Track Listing:

muse-ish intro improv
Chronfused · muse-ish
she used to want to be a ballerina
Buffy Saint-Marie · she used to want to be a ballerina
Kinnie Star · soar
a concpiracy of ravens waltz of beak and claw
Carmen Braden · songs of the invisible summer stars
IMUR ft Biawanna · FEVER
Muse-ish wrap up improv demo
Chronfused · muse-ish