Fill-in Show Episode December 5, 2019

Around the World in 12 Songs

4:01pm - 4:56pm

Welcome to Tessa's first ever radio show - a journey around the world in 12 songs. We'll depart right here in Vancouver, head over to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Middle America, and finally Canada again to discover some fresh and breezy indie tunes. So hit play, fasten your seat belts, stow your tray table, and get ready for takeoff!

Track Listing:

Jukebox Cutie
Bridal Party · Too Much
Good God Damn
Arcade Fire · Everything Now
Claire Laffut, Yseult · Nudes
Rikas · Swabian Samba
Don't Talk About It
Sorcha Richardson · First Prize Bravery
Coldplay · Everyday Life
3 Minutes
Mashrou' Leila · The Beirut School
Parcels · Tieduprightnow
Technicolor Fabrics · Cabo
Rearrange Us
Mt. Joy · Rearrange Us
Off the Rails
Sam Lynch · Off the Rails
Schwey · Schwey