Fill-in Show Episode October 31, 2019

3 into 1

6:00pm - 7:55pm

my show is concerned with three areas of music Jazz Soul and Latin on this 1st show here on a thursday evening for the 1st time ever! we reach into Gospel Soul and Jazz earlier..later we go to Brasil with Maria Rita ...also we feature local soul singer 72 year old Jayson Hoover we feature 2 trks from the early 70s local conscious Soul and Funk

Track Listing:

now i sleep
charles sullivan dee dee bridgewater · genesis
you got a friend
donny hathaway · live
its hard to live in this world
rev harvey gates · s/t
bright skies
bobby glover · lp
too late to turn back now
cornelius brothers and sister rose · s/t
joao donato / maria m · s/t
lamento africano
Maria Rita · s/t
stanley cowell trio · s/t
deeper shadow
moodymann · s/t
you took my heart
james brown · s/t
we are all people
jayson hoover · s/t
freedom train
jayson hoover · s/t