Fill-in Show Episode September 18, 2019

Episode 2 of the Back Burner

11:34pm - 12:35am

The Back Burner returns at another random time, for another discussion about things that should probably be put on the back burner. In this session, 4/5 on the show, who are experts in this subject field (1/5 is NOT), give their relationship advice. The hosts also take two callers on: a lost local lover who seeks for any advice at all, and a drunken Irishman who doesn't seem to understand what the Back Burner is, I mean, who really does?

Track Listing:

The Synth Wars
Jack O'Reilly · Single
Tony's Theme
Giorgio Moroder · Scarface: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Derek & the Dominos · The Cream of Clapton
Chinatown Hustler
Notorious MSG · Lunch Money - EP
Jose Evangelista · Airs d'Espagne for String Orchestra