Fill-in Show Episode July 18, 2019

The Simulation is Quaking!

4:01pm - 4:58pm

Riverdale was robbed of its rightful Emmy nomination this year and we're all still depressed. Also, some fun tunes!

Track Listing:

On Your Own
Anemone · Beat My Distance
Marcos Valle · Bicicleta/Beta Menina
Bowlly Goes Dancing Drunk into the Future
Loving · Loving
Maneater · Maneater
Tennis · Young & Old
Kantori Ongaku
Devendra Banhart · Abre Las Manos
Birthday Party
Club Sofa · Birthday Party
The Bells
Lowell · We Loved Her Dearly
I'm So Sorry
Beeef, Sidney Gish · I'm So Sorry
Drogba (Joanna)
Afro B · Afrowave 2