Fill-in Show Episode March 5, 2019

Guilt Trip Ep 1

10:03am - 11:02am

Come join Tanner McCoolman on The Guilt Trip as he tries to get you to donate money to CiTR's Fundrive

Track Listing:

Little Wild · Victories
Hundred Dollar Bill
Randy Twigg · Behaviour Of The Birds
For The Money
Easy Money
KYP Harness · Armageddon Blues
It's Worth 8 Dollars
Hot Panda · Whale Headed Girl
Makin' Lunch Money
Interstellar Root Cellar · Interstellar Root Cellar
Making Money
Miss Quincy · Roadside Discovery
Hundred Dollar Bill
Cowpuncher · Call Me When You're Single
Hundred Dollar Bills
MacDougall, Sarah · Across The Atlantic
Only Money
McNarland, Holly · Run Body Run
Cashing in
Jerry Leger · Early riser
One thing your money couldn't buy
Adrian Teacher and the Subs · Sorta hafta
Gunpowder + Money
KYP Harness · Armageddon Blues
No money in the till
Harpdog Brown · What it is...
Million Dollars
Dave Norris & Local Ivan · Alma Mater
2 Dollars
Tanuki Project, The · Playground For Everyone
Giraffe Aftermath · Sleepless Nights