Fill-in Show Episode March 2, 2019

Fundrive Fill-In 3-3-19 11 PM - 12 AM

11:12pm - 12:01am

Guest starring Discorder's Under Review section! To donate, call in at 604-822-8648 or visit us online at

Track Listing:

The Most Unprotected Girl
JB the First Lady · Righteous Empowered Daughter
Francesca Belcourt · Buds
Bored Decor · The Colour Red
I Dreamt I Was Running
Dadweed · I Dreamt I Was Running
In Sharper Relief
Braintree · Alive Inside
More of What I Have
Whelming · Settle
Craig Aalders · Oceanography
the devil is a liar
future star · i will fight the devil and i will win
She Wants A Dog
My Beautiful (Coin Laundry)
divorcer · Debt Jubilee
Debby Friday · BITCHPUNK
L'appel du Vide
ACTORS · Part Time Punks Session
Night Danger
Alien Boys · Night Danger