Fill-in Show Episode October 29, 2018

Boslen "Motionless II" Interview

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Local rapper Boslen comes by CiTR for an interview. Isaac, CiTR's Music Affairs Exec and host of "Word on the Street," leads the discussion. Boslen talks about his upbringing, a major turning point with a sports injury, details on his new album Motionless II, and much more!

Track Listing:

Zeltron 6 Billion
Denzel Curry · 13
Denzel Curry · 13
M.I.A. · AIM
Baby Cages · bitter melon
God Mendeleev
Andrew Mulat · UltraAVX
The Circus
Boslen · Motionless II
Boslen · Motionless II