Fill-in Show Episode May 9, 2018

Constant Exposure

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Welcome to my first fill-in show! I have a special episode lined up for you packed with smooth funky jams and fresh tunes. Hope you enjoy ~Stephanie

Track Listing:

Roll (Burbank Funk)
The Internet · Roll (Burbank Funk)
You Got Me
Buscrates · You Got Me/Maybe It's Time
Maye It's Time
Dr. MaD (ft. Illa J and Fawna) · You Got Me/Maybe It's Time
You're Gonna Love Me
Jake Tavill · Twisted Ideology
Ancient Underground · Lovewise
Brockhampton · Saturation II
Astro Mega · Warp Lounge
Our Generation
Primal Woods · T dot Stand Up
Super Things
Factor Chandelier (ft. Myka 9) · Wisdom Teeth
Always Have
Yung Clancy · Yung Prince of the Basement
Much Love
Eyeda Sophia · Eyeda Sophia
Eyeda Spohia · Eyeda Sophia
Petit Bois
Fanny Bloom · Liqueur
Fight This Feeling
Randome Recipe · Distractions
29 Palms
Reptaliens · FM-2030
Small Foreign Faction
Haley Blais · Let Yourself Go