Fill-in Show Episode July 24, 2017

scully2.0 filling in

6:30pm - 7:01pm


Track Listing:

Frodi Ambience
Exos · My Home is Sonic
Morning Vibes
Untitled · Midsummer Melodies
Heart Mountain
LNS · Maligne Range
Midnight Sun
Ryo Murakami · Selected: Compiled by Fred P
Backyard Break
Tochigi Canopy · Dirty Tapes From Russia
Get Back To You Soon
D. Tiffany · Blue Dream EP
The Test of Machine 2
Shinichi Atobe · From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work of Art
False Awakening
Chaos in the CBD · single
Reality of Space
Luke Slater's 7th Plain · The 4 Cornered Room