Fill-in Show Episode May 16, 2017

Every Flavor Beans - Korean Independent Music

11:06am - 12:05pm

Let's find out some good Korean indie musicians and their music!

Track Listing:

Mood Indigo
Cheeze · Q
Everything But Me
Sugarbowl · Everything But Me
O.WHEN · When I Begin
Countless Nights
Sultan of the Disco · Groove Official
Days of Disturbance
Bily Acoustie · Days of Disturbance
OOHYO · Adventure
Cloud · Cloud. 4 'Mafia'
Stay Away
Standing Egg · LIKE
Bad So Bad
Choi Nakta · Bad So Bad
Grab Me
Choi Nakta · Piece, One
Paper Thin Heart
Jadea Kelly · Love & Lust
No Control
Trementina · 810
Sick In The City
Sunday Morning · Sunday Morning