Fill-in Show Episode October 21, 2016

The One Without The Theme

10:01am - 11:00am

On this week's morning mixtape, we free ourselves from the concept of a theme. We play a mixtape complied purely from the gut...with very nice results.

Track Listing:

Little Pepper
Mac Demarco · Some Other Ones
Morning World
Teen Daze · Morning World
Green Gardens, Cold Montreal
Sloan · The Double Cross
Pheadra's Meadow
Blue Rodeo · Are You Ready?
La Jeune Amoureuse
Julie Doiron · Desormais
Matthew Good Band · Beautiful Midnight
Low · Long Division
Star Star (Live)
The Frames · Set List
Joy Division · Single
Killing Joke · Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Low Tide
Kylesa · Ultraviolet
Jets Overhead · Bystander
Salesmen Cheats and Liars
The Lowest Of The Low · Shakespeare My Butt
Little Pepper
Mac Demarco · Some Other Ones