Fill-in Show Episode May 19, 2016

Accessibility Awareness Day Special

12:00pm - 6:03pm

6 Hours of Radio about accessibility, Self-Advocacy, Adaptive Technology and more. For more information email:

Deepi Interviews Shelly Nessman of Incommon TV.
Dj Spencer Dj's some of local music including tracks from Casey Mejica, Thor, Cate Lebon, Selina Martin, Taco Cat & Hinds,
Kelly does a look back on The Community Living Show from March. Michael Rubin interviews Tim and Shannon Dickson; Tim Tells his story about walking from Prince George to Vancouver to help his wife Shannon get a stem cell treatment for MS Story about the struggle for this loving couple and family. Visit for details and The BC Legislature on Disabilities.

Jules Andre-Brown shares a lecture from Judy Mosoff on With a particular interest in mothers with mental disability UBC Law Professor Judith Mosoff analyze child welfare decisions about continuing custody orders made in British Columbia in recent years. These cases depict families that are deeply troubled. Virtually every decision portrays these characteristics: the mother is a lone parent, characterized as having a mental illness, an addiction or both; the family is poor; at least one of the children is said to have a disability; mothers lose their children. In this paper Professor Mosoff analyzes the ways mental disability is used as a weapon to remove children from their families.
Her lecture can be found at

Track Listing:

Big Shot
Pack AD · Do Not Engage
M&M Meats · Single
Was My Heart
Angela Inglis · Single
Thirsty Hearts
Thor · Single
Palms Loose
Casey Muecija · Single
Are you with me now.
Cate Lebon · Single
At least I'm not a musician
Gregory Pepper · MP3
Selina Martin · MP3
Counting Seconds
Poor Traits · MP3
I hate the weekend
tacocat · MP3
Songs on on the stero
Carptener · MP3
Hinds · MP3
Pack AD · Do Not Engage
We Shall Overcome Someday
Peter Bourne · If I Could Help Someone Today
On the Line
Ought · Single