Fill-in Show Episode May 25, 2015

Broadcast on [25-may-2015]

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hannah the new intern's first show!Played a variety of good music (mainly indie), from the new albums CITR received. Had the occasional mess-up but wasn't too bad for the first time :)

Track Listing:

Sunshine of your youth
Cheerleader · Sunshine of your youth
Make up your mind tonight
Hawksley Workman · Old Cheetah
Slipping away
Tanlines · Highlights
ong ong
Blur · The magic Whip
Wild Card
Kuzin · Cavity
Worlds on fire
Zerbin · Darling
New Earth
Zerbin · Darling
New Daze
Cheerleader · Sunshine of your youth
On your Side
Cheerleader · Sunshine of your youth
I've been told
Supermoon · Commet love joy
Let it happen
Tame Impala · Currents
Braids · Deep in the Iris
Run baby run
Tory y moi · What for?