Fill-in Show Episode February 27, 2014

Geraldo's Hour Radio Drama Special at CiTR 27-Feb-2014

11:00am - 12:00pm

We Were Lovers - Jealous Lovers (Pyramids)
Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Greatest Hits)
Elmer Wiens - Glory Road (Radio Drama)
Bob Dylan - All I Really Want to Do (Another Side of Bob Dylan)
Sauti Sol - Coming Home (Sauti Sol - Sol Filsofia)
Joh Richu - Subdued (Radio Drama)
Ryan Hemsworth - Small and Lost (Guilt Trips)
Johann Pachebel - Canon en re Majeur (Le Concerto)
Elmer Wiens - Canon in D Major (Radio Drama)
Fredric Chopin - Op 9 No 2 (Nocturne In E Flat Major)
Raunning Red Lights - Under the Wire (There's a Blue Bird in my Heart)

Track Listing:

jealous lovers
we were lovers · pyramids
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
Dean Martin · Greatest Hits
Glory Road
Elmer Wiens · Radio Drama
All I Really Want to Do
Bob Dylan · Another Side of Bob Dylan
Coming Home
Sauti Sol · Sauti Sol - Sol Filsofia
Joh Richu · Radio Drama
Small and Lost
Ryan Hemsworth · Guilt Trips
Canon en re Majeur
Johann Pachebel · Le Concerto
Canon in D Major
Elmer Wiens · Radio Drama
Op 9 No 2
Fredric Chopin · Nocturne In E Flat Major
Under the Wire
Raunning Red Lights · There's a Blue Bird in my Heart