Fill-in Show Episode October 7, 2013

Geraldo's Hour at CiTR 101.9fm 07-Oct-2013

3:00pm - 4:00pm

playsheet tracklist
artist - song (album)

Albertans - Begin teh Beguin (Dangerous Anything)
Timbre, Timbre - Creep On Creepin On (Creep on Creepin On)
Ones and Zeroes - Ignorance & Bliss (Ones and Zeroes)
be good tanyas - draft daughters blues (a collection)
Be Good Tanyas - In My Time of Dying (A Collection)
Cavemen - Chances (Cavement)
The raveonettes - The Enemy (Observator)
Holy Fuck - Latin America (Latin)
Holy Fuck - Stay Lit (Latin)
EvanIvan - Call For You (Before the Fall)
Cavemen - In The City (Cavemen)
We Are the City - Leg Give Out (Violent)
no joy - wrack attack (wait to pleasure)
October Gold - Where Ravens Perch (Bridge of the Sun)

Track Listing:

Begin teh Beguin
Albertans · Dangerous Anything
Creep On Creepin On
Timbre, Timbre · Creep on Creepin On
Ignorance & Bliss
Ones and Zeroes · Ones and Zeroes
draft daughters blues
be good tanyas · a collection
In My Time of Dying
Be Good Tanyas · A Collection
Cavemen · Cavement
The Enemy
The raveonettes · Observator
Latin America
Holy Fuck · Latin
Stay Lit
Holy Fuck · Latin
Call For You
EvanIvan · Before the Fall
In The City
Cavemen · Cavemen
Leg Give Out
We Are the City · Violent
wrack attack
no joy · wait to pleasure
Where Ravens Perch
October Gold · Bridge of the Sun