Fill-in Show Episode July 22, 2013

Geraldo's Hour at CiTR 22-Jul-2013

3:00am - 3:58am

Jay Arner - Midnight on South Granville (Jay Arner)
Lightning Dust - Loaded Gun (Fantasy)
The Bicycles - Stop Thinking So Much (Stop Thinking So Much)
The Bicycles - Nap Trap (Stop Thinking So Much)
Imaginary Cities - Chasing the Sunset (The Fall of Romance)
Moon King - The Fear of Love (Obsession I)
GRMLN - Hand Pistol (Empire)
Shotgun Jimmie - Everything, Everything (Everything, Everything)
Austra - Painful Like (Olympia)
Swollen Members - Almost Famous (Beauftiful Death Machine)
Danny Michel &Garfuna Collective - This Is What Is (Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me)
Louise Burns - Emerald's Shatter (Midnight Mass)
Wildlife - Born to Ruin (One for the Road)
Young Galaxy - Pretty Boy (Ultramarine)
The Courtneys - Social Anxiety (The Courtneys)
Grimes - Oblivion (Visions