Fill-in Show Episode July 8, 2013

Geraldo's Hour on CITR

3:03am - 3:59am

Jenn Grant - Belly of a Dragon (The Beautiful Wild)
Hawk and Steel - What's It For (Danger Road)
Abramson Singers - Jack of Diamonds (Late Riser)
The Besnard Lakes - The Spectre (Until in Excess)
This Hisses - Some Farm Boy Lovin (Anhedonia)
Folly and the Hunter - How It Came Down (Tragic Care)
Hannah Georges - Somebody (Hannah Georges)
A Tribe Called Red - The Road is Black Bear (The Road)
Julie Dorien - Our Love (So Many Days)
Dl Ingonito - Keep It Movin (Organic Music For a Digital Age)
Chains of Love - Lately (Strange Grey Days)
white lung - take the mirror (sorry)
Shawn Mrazek - The Forest Inside My Head (Thought he was Dead)
dead ghosts - roky said (can't get no)
The Ford Pier Trio - Masses (?????)