Femconcept Episode July 4, 2017

Sun In Your Eyes

10:02am - 11:02am

A sun influenced set. Some rock(ish) tracks, some soft (ish) tracks. New finds this week that you should NOT sleep on ~ Alexia Avina, Julia Lucille, and Savila. Go see La Luz at The Biltmore on Thursday!

Track Listing:

Cat Power
Ruin · Sun
Don't Wanna Be Anywhere
La Luz · Weirdo Shrine
SÁVILA · Single
Space Invasion
DJ Smoke Weed Guy · Fantasy Island
Ya With Me?
Lomelda · Single
Plot of Ground
Julia Lucille · Chthonic
Ora Cogan · Shadowland
Laurel Halo · Dust
someday someone will love you so much bettersomeday someone will love you so muc
Alexia Avina · Surrender EP
A 477
Kara-Lis Coverdale · A 480