Femconcept Episode April 18, 2017

I Believe You, Ok?

10:00am - 11:00am

N e W Chastity Belt, Divorcer and Mega Bog. Neato.

Track Listing:

Warm Girls
Girls At Our Best! · Pleasure
Post Pink · I Believe You, Ok
rice cake sardines
Divorcer · unwonderful demo
The Wall
The Dreebs · Humiliation
Caught In A Lie
Chastity Belt · I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Flowers in my Eyes
Adrian Teacher and the Subs · Flowers in my Eyes (Cassingle
Tomato Guitar
Fuzzy P · On A Lawn
Brain Song
Gum Country · Gum Country
Carla Sagan · S.L.E. Split Tape
Mega Bog · Happy Together
Elisa Thorn · Hue