Femconcept Episode February 28, 2017

Good Enough

10:06am - 11:02am

Lots of hot tracks here today. Really! Featuring enthusiasm for the new Pale Red tape, the new Courtneys' album, and a track by Birthday Bitch that is far beyond "Good Enough". Listen if you don't believe me. Femcon makes the world go 'round.

Track Listing:

One-Sided Man
Pale Red · Soft Opening
The Courtneys · The Courtneys ||
Who Are We Fooling Today
Tough Customer · The WORST Demos
Scum Laude · Single
june 20, 2013 (shoutout to that talent farm show where a bunch of people left ea
insignificant other · dwyane wade split
the 06' championship meant the world to me
Alumine · dwyane wade split
Good Enough
Birthday Bitch · Demos
Nothing In Return
Sigh Down One · Memory is Short Longing LP
It's OK
HASTE · Annabelle
Tendre Biche · Petite K7
Suddenly (Featuring Weyes Blood
Drug Dealer · The End of Comedy
For Vanda
Ramzi · Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2
Ramzi · Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2
Atausiq - One
Silla and Rise · Debut
So Tough
The Slits · Peel Sessions