Femconcept Episode February 14, 2017

Music! Without! Borders!

10:05am - 11:06am

THIS EPISODE focuses on music without borders - a small response to the ongoing and terrifying actions surrounding immigration and travel in America and Canada. Tracks played feature music by people who come from all around the world, music that I probably wouldn’t be able to hear, or perhaps wouldn’t exist at all, if it weren’t for immigration, celebration of difference, appreciation of other cultures and the desire to strive for a diversity of voices within the arts. Today is also Valentine’s day, and the 27th Annual Women’s Memorial March, which honour the lives of missing and murdered women and all women’s lives lost in the Downtown Eastside.

Track Listing:

Welcome to the Jungle
Aaradhna Patel · Single
Wave Of History
Downtown Boys · Full Communism
Downtown Boys · Full Communism
Inside Edition
Sneaks · It's A Myth
True Killer
Sneaks · Gymnastics
Nancy Pants · Vol. 27 EP
Jay Some · Turn Into
Tanya Tagaq · Anamism
Sing Our Own Song
Buffy Sainte-Marie · Power In The Blood
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue