Femconcept Episode January 31, 2017

A Quick Little Show

10:34am - 10:59am

Short little 30 min show today. New Courtneys! New Dad Thighs! Annnnnd some throw backs with Deep Time, Yung Mums, and Liliput. Plus, Little Sprout (Shindig 33 winners!) and Dad Thighs.

Track Listing:

The Courtneys · The Courtneys II
Dead South
Yung Mums · YUNG MUMS
Deep Time · Deep Time
Might is Right
Liliput · Liliput
Alien Boyfriend
Little Sprout · Little Sprout
Weekday Girl
Dad Thighs · the past three years / Split w/ Karate Kids
Ora Cogan · Shadowland