Femconcept Episode January 3, 2017

Welcome to my Home Suzanne Vega

10:33am - 11:28am

It's 2017. Wonderful. Today's show with some quiet (ish) tracks by (mostly) Canadian artists, most notably a song by Faith Healer from the new "CiTR Fishbowl Sessions" from her live performance on the show in December of 2015. Also, a discovery of how great Suzanne Vega is (shout out to my mother's record collection which I become better acquainted with every time I go home).

Track Listing:

Artificial Light
Amy Brandon · Scavenger
Breakdown [rowland s howard cover]
Puzzlehead · Angelo (covers his body with peanut butter)
Sorrow [life without buildings cover]
Swim Team · Angelo (covers his body with peanut butter)
Small Blue Thing
Suzanne Vega · Suzanne Vega
Welcome To My Home Suzanne Vega
Old and Weird · O It's You?.?.?.?Through The Door?.?.?.?Coolness of One?.?.?.?Square Shape of An
tongues and boobs
Philippa Zang · Embarass Yourself
Half Right
BB Cream · Rose Petal Mind
No Car
Faith Healer · CiTR Fishbowl Sessions
Try To Make Yourself A Work of Art
Julia Holter · Tragedy