Femconcept Episode July 15, 2016

July 15

1:00pm - 2:00pm

There are so many good things happening this weekend... how will you decide what to do?! I've made some recommendations for you, including checking out Ramona at Thor's on Friday and Other Jesus at the Astoria on Saturday, and D. Tiffany at Red G8 on Saturday. Really excited about the track I played by the band post-pink -- looks like its going to be a new favorite, just you wait!

Track Listing:

Cherry Colored Funk
Cocteau Twins · Heaven or Las Vegas
Moves in Time
Brave Radar · Lion Head
Sick and Clean
Wilt · Welt
Wrestle Anthem
CE Schneider Topical · Antifree
Other Jesus · Everything is Problematic
Let's Talk About Feelings
Ramona · Hot Ramen
Post Pink · i believe you, ok?
Oh Boy
The Submissives · Betty Told me
Welcome to My Home Suzanne Vega
Old And Weird · O It's You...Through The Door...Coolness of One...Square Shape of Another's
Bike Riding
Brunch Club · Demos
Narrow Draw
Moon · old an
No One Cares
Henoheno · Z-Tapes Split
Tranq Moon
D. Tiffany · s/t