Femconcept Episode March 18, 2016

Femconcept March 18

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Mixed things up a lil bit today! Played some tunes, as well as a segment from the She Shreds podcast, in which She Shreds founder Fabi Reyna talked with Tom Tom Magazine founder Mindy Abovitz. The two discussed their roles in the music industry, struggles and triumphs, and why they do what they do. She Shreds Magazine is a magazine about female guitar and bass players, and Tom Tom Magazine is a magazine about female drummers. Rad! Full podcast here: http://sheshredsmag.com/shreds-radio-2-mindy-abovitz-tom-tom-magazine/

Track Listing:

Weaves · Weaves (EP)
you won't leave
soccer mommy · songs from my bedroom (pt.2)
i wouldn't mind
Girl From Mars · miss me
Your Best American Girl
Mitski · Puberty 2
Julianna LaChance · HEYAHO
Water! Tree!
The Plodes · Water! Tree! b?/?w Senso?-?Dyne
Bad Times
Cave Girl · Single
Jennylee · Right On
Show U Off
Chairlift · Moth