Femconcept Episode September 26, 2014

Broadcast on [26-Sep-2014]

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Information about weekend events and enrichment about songs!

Track Listing:

Hush Pup · Waterwings
Dream Holiday
Magic Island · Single
Lydia Ainsworth · Right From Real
Ego Killer
Tess Parks · Work All Day/Up All Night
Os Noctambulos · Corsica Garden
Sunday Morning
Margo Guryan · Take A Picture
Snowcapped Andes Crash
Melody's Echo Chamber · Melody's Echo Chamber
Cool Runnings
Tashaki Miyaki · Cool Runnings EP
Boytoy · Boytoy
August // American Flower
Sister Palace · The Purple Tape
Dona Clarinha
Samira Winter · Tudo Azul
Onion in my Pocket
Davina · Demos About Love