feeling sounds Episode October 10, 2019

episode 16: rev

3:59pm - 4:59pm

check out rev's music on all streaming platforms!
follow their instagram: @revbandofficial

please check out my debut album "irrationale" on all streaming platforms!

have a good thanksgiving :-)

Track Listing:

Flora's Earthtones
Aquarius Dreams · Flora's Earthtones
Hailey Honegger · single
Late Nights, Old Friends
Cheer up Champ & Get Happy · Cheer Up, Get Happy
Rev · Dancing on the Blacktop
Open Your Eyes
Rev · Dancing on the Blacktop
Smoke Machine
Rev · Dancing on the Blacktop
First Year Fear
Sara Carbone · irrationale
So Wise
Serendipity · single
still feel.
half.alive · Now, Not Yet