Fan Club Episode February 28, 2023

Fan Club: The Winter Nostalgia Black History Month Extravaganza!

2:04pm - 3:00pm

On a very special and snowy episode, Daniel and Aisia are joined by guest hosts Harmela, Sophia, and Jane. They chat about Black History Month highlights, their favourite songs of 2023 and why they're nostalgic, and cinematic masterpiece, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Track Listing:

Lily Allen · Alright, Still (Deluxe)
Show Me the Body · Trouble The Water
Fugees · The Score (Expanded Edition)
(Mung Zung Yan) (Dream Lover)
Faye Wong · Random Thoughts
drive ME crazy!
Lil Yachty, Diana Gordon · Let's Start Here.