Exquisite Corpse Episode March 15, 2012

A BLeeK Fill-In for Thunderbird Radio Hell

9:01am - 11:03am

1. Vinyl Williams, Leminscate, Haunted!
2. Perfume Genius, Learning, No Problem
3. The Antlers, Burst Apart, Rolled Together
4. Sleep Over, Behind Closed Doors, Forever
5. Plucked , Whirling Dervish, Fully Functioning Brain
6. Future Islands, On the Water, Before the Bridge
7. Fort Romeau, Kingdoms, Nights Bridge
8. 8Dirty Beaches, Badlands, Lord Knows Best
10. Small Black, Moon Killer Mixtape, Photojournalist (star slinger remix)
11. Teenage Panzerkorps, Kauf Nicht Von TPK C32, Born Reborn
12. M83, Huury Up, we're Dreaming, Steve Mcqueen
13. Widowspeak , Widowspeak , Nightcrawlers
14. The Horrors, Skying, Still Life
15. Dog Day, Deformer, What She Says
16. Frankie Rose, Interstellar, Had We Had It
17. Tones On Tail, Weird Pop, Twist (extended Version)
18. Ceremony, Zoo, Repeating the Cycle
19. Holograms, Pitchfork download, ABC City
20. Mac Demarco, Mac Demarco, Rock and Roll Nightclub
21. Dive, Geist 7" prerelease, Geist
22. Phantogram, Nightlife, 16 Years
23. Shimmering Stars, It's Just as Well Cassette, Atmosphere,
24. Lowerd Dens, Twin-Hand Movement, Completely Golden
25. Steve Hauschildt , Tragedy & Geometry, Batteries May Drain
26. Dome , Dome 12345, Here We Go
27. Nick Nicely, Elegant Daze, Treeline