Exquisite Corpse Episode March 17, 2011

Penultimate Pop

7:30am - 9:02am

Lisa Germano , In The Maybe World, Too Much Space
Steve Wynn, Crossing Dragon Bridge, Manhattan Fault Line,
Momus, Ocky Milk, Hang Low
Mayfair Set, Young One, Let It Melt
The Manhattan Love Suicides, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Crush Whatever
Moon Duo, Killing Time, Speed
Mono In VCF, Mono In VCF, Escape City Scrapers
The Bell, Make Some Quiet, Leave Me
Voxtrot, Raised By Wolves, Fast Asleep
The Elephants (now the Nightgowns), The Elephants , Invisible Blue
The Crimea, Lottery Winners on Acid, White Russian Galaxy
Foreign Born , The Remote Woods, We Had Pleasure
Mike Johnson, Gone Out of Your Mind, On Track
Pernice Brothers, Discover a Lovlier You, Amazing Glow
Phantogram, Eyelid Movies , Running from the Cops
Blank Dogs, , Spinning
Shimmering Stars, , Dancing to Music I Hate
Plucked, , 1 800 24 7