Exquisite Corpse Episode January 27, 2011

He who hesitates is lost in translation

7:29am - 9:00am

People Like Us and Wobbly, Music For the Fire, Okay / Giant Love Ball
Negativland, No Business, Piece a Pie
P.I.L., This is What You Want..., Where Are You?
Ganglians, Monster Head Room, Something Should Be Said / Voodoo
Shimmering Stars, , Sun's Going Down
Rolls , None Night of Flexipop , Megadom Magam
PVT, Church With No Magic, Church With No Magic
Pop Tarts, Suite:98 (v/a Bungalow), M.U.S.O.
Savage Republic, Jamahiriya, Viva Le Rock n Roll
Fad Gadget , The Best of..., Ricky's Hand
Aleution, Masstransfer, Installation Three, Negative Space Time Region
The Hope Slide, The Hope Slide, Topple The Sky
Gang of Four, Content, A fruitfly in the Behive
Echo and the Bunnymen, Ocean Rain, Nocturnal Me
Small Black, New Chain, New Chain
Fit and Limo, V/A For the Dead in Space, Surrealist Waltz
Lemmon Kittens , A Tribute to Some Bizarre Volume 2, Whom Do I Have To Ask?
Rosemary's Children, el - The Legendary B-Sides, Whatever Happened to Alice,