Exquisite Corpse Episode January 17, 2011


1:00am - 2:01am

EBNC - 1st track "Audio Nihilism" 2nd "Flogging a Dead Format" - 1hr.
EBNC began as an offshoot of the Asheville-based experimental project The Syntax of Things in 2005, where the focus was on outboard equipment and analog sound sources.
EBNC took their name from a dark chapter in the history of North Carolina’s mental health system.
# EBNC uses a unique mix of hand-built and modified electronic equipment, modular DSP programming, field recordings and damaged media sources to produce its sound, which ranges from a soothing ambient wash to harsh noise.
EBNC could be persuaded to perform live on occasion, but it doesn’t happen very often.
EBNC is packed with vitamins and iron and is an important part of a nutritious breakfast.
EBNC loves you and respects you as a human being.
EBNC isn’t very comfortable coming up with blurbs to describe themselves, so they just make random shit up.
EBNC doesn’t know how to finish an artist biogr-