Exquisite Corpse Episode December 9, 2010

Musicworks 108 and stuff

7:30am - 9:01am

HENRIK RYLANDER , MusicWorks #108, Walk-in-Sound
HENRIK RYLANDER, MusicWorks #108, Fed Oblivion ]
NADINE BYRNE , MusicWorks #108, Kate and Margaret
JULIET PALMER, MusicWorks #108, Voice-Box-Fancy Feet
Barry Truax, MusicWorks #108, Song of Songs-Evening
Momus, The Ultraconformist, The Ultraconformist
Cloud Nothings, Turning On, Water Turns Back
Tame Impala, InnerSpeaker, Desire Be Desire Go
Gitar, Stuffed, Momentum with Cheese
Realistic, 50/50, I Love that Story
Alex Cannon, Natural Opera, Natural Opera
Value Village People - Feliz Navi-dada 5 mix