Exquisite Corpse Episode August 19, 2010

So You Dance. Can You Think?

7:29am - 9:01am

01. Purest Spiritual Pigs, Body Misses, Shenti
02. Imbogodom, The Metallic Year, Bvsh Hovse Ghost
03. Sam Prekop, Old Punch Card, Array Wicket
04. The Oh Sees, Dog Poison , I Can't Pay You to Disappear
05. X-Ray Eyeballs, X-Ray Eyeballs, Blessed Kids
06. Fresh And Onlys, August In My Mind, You're Known To Wander
07. Blank Dogs , "new stuff" , Cambodia
08. Exceptor, Precidence, Teleportation Ask
09. People Like Us and Wobbly, Music For the Fire, Bad News
10. Collage - {Agustus Pablo / Willian S. Burroughs / Sidney Poitier, Trojan Instrumentals Box Set Vol. 1 / Willian S. Burroughs / Sidney Poitier / , East of the River.../ Working with the Popular Forces /. Immortality of the Soul}
11. The Stupid Set, The Anesthetic's Wearing Off vol.6, s.w. (southwest) digestion
12. Teenage Panzerkorps, Teenage Panzerkorps, Corpse on An Empty Stage
13. The Smiths, Unbroadcast BBC Outtakes, I Keep Mine Hidden
14. The Monochrome Set, Volume, Contrast, Brilliance!, Reach for Your Gun
15. Momus , The Poison Boyfriend, Three Wars
16. On / Fennez, Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not, Blank Space,