Exquisite Corpse Episode July 15, 2010


7:30am - 9:01am

01. Gitar, Stuffed, Schooled
02. Gitar, Stuffed, Momentum with Cheese
03. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Before Today, Hot Body Rub
04. Under Byen, Alter tabt, #5
05. Blessure Grave, Judged by Twelve, Carried by Six, Changes in the Darkness
06. Modern Creatures, s/t, Divorse Yourself
07. Dilemma , Invisible Noise Hunters, Device Like a Claw
08. Flipper, Public Flipper Limited, Love Canal
09. Manhatton Love Suicides, Burnt Out Landscapes, Orphans
10. Skywave , Synthstatic, Over and Over
11. Teenage Panzerkorps, Arc de Triomphe, Arc de Triomphe
12. Sixteens, Sixteens and the Vanishing split 7", Synthetic Blends
13. Church Police , Gilligan's Wings, Gourmet Cooking
14. Factrix , Artifact, Empire of Passion
15. Factums , A Modern Mutant's Music Book, Take Drugs
16. Port Royal, Dying in Time, Anna Ustinova
17. Mayfair Set, Young One, Cease to Be
18. Moon Duo, Love On The Sea, Love On The Sea
19. Steve Fisk, 448 Deathless Days, Emerging Nation
20. Madjid Tahriri, Deep Wireless 7, Tombak