Exquisite Corpse Episode June 17, 2010


7:30am - 9:01am

Tobias Lilja, Time is On My Side, Beginner's Optimism
Chris Cutler & Zeena Parkins, Shark!, Geh (part 3)
Big City Orchestra, Convoluted Double Trouble, Means of Control
Felix-Antoine Morin, Cache 2008, Feed Metal Dirt
Fe-Mail / Emelie Payeur, Blixter Toad / Cache 2008, The Horizontal Density of Humanity / Echolocation
Growing, LATERAL , Afterglow
Elliot Vaughan , Cache 2007, Icely Unsect
Luigi Russolo, , Serenata (1921)
Pauline Oliveros, Ghost Dance, Private Journeys
Valet , Blood is Clean, Sade 4bri
Time Hecker / Thierry Gauthier, Saturday Morning Empires / Cache 2007, Enima / Cycles
eluvium, copia, seeing you off the edges
Gestalt OrchestrA, Hoax of Freedom, Extended CUT
Noisefloor, Phonomanipulations, Falling Up
Listen with Sarah, Re-Portifino, Re-Portifino
Coin Gutter / Myra Davies, Asthmatics Of Failure / Western Front Fall 2009 Sampler, Asthmatics fo Failure / No Time
Excepter, Presidence, The Anti-Noah,