Exquisite Corpse Episode May 13, 2010

Nihilism Inc.

7:30am - 9:03am

C.A.M.M. / La 1919, Neue Muster Volume 2, Alberto
No Unauthorized, Neue Muster Volume 1, Fraction Armée (Live)
Michelle Musser / Tara Cross, Neue Muster Volume 1, Dot U're T's And Cross U're Eyes
Kapotte Muziek , Neue Muster Volume 2, Collage N°2
F:A.R., Neue Muster Volume 1, Enfant Prodige
M.A.D., Neue Muster Volume 1, Transmigraccion
Colin Potter, Angst in My Pants, I am Your Shadow
Lily Malone & Angus McSteerling-Wheel , Angst in My Pants, No Got Champagne
Colin Potter, Angst in My Pants, Is it You, Is it Me
Instant Automatons, Angst in My Pants, Scared To Be Alone
Mic Woods , Angst in My Pants, Cracked Actor?
Missing Persons , Angst In My Pants, Angst In My Pants
Dum Dum Girls, I Will Be, Lines Her Eyes
Vivian Girls, Everything Goes Wrong, I Have No Fun
Little Girls, Concepts, Imaginary Friends
Blank Dogs, The First Two Weeks, Everyone is
Mayfair Set, Young One, I've Been Watching You
Fit and Limo, As Above So Below, Open Scene
Cosmetics, -, Honey Honey
Kas Product, Teenage Lightnings, One of a Kind
Moon Duo, Killing Time e.p., Killing Time
Lightning Bolt, EArthly Delights, The Sublime Freak
Mode Moderne, Ghosts Emerge, Ashes
Phantogram, Running from the Cops, Running from the Cops,