Exquisite Corpse Episode February 18, 2010

Some Days Are Like That

7:30am - 9:01am

01. Bullion, Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee, Don't Talk
02. Bullion, Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee, Wouldn't it be Nice
03. Bullion, Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee
04. Simon Turner, s/t , Almost Blis
05. A Caller from Ontario, , Phone call
06. Kusikia, s/t, You Know
07. Les Rita Mitsouko, , Stupid Anyway
08. Porest, prude juice for the heritage swinger, skin bitch
09. Momus, Tender Pervert, Love on Ice
10. Phantogram, Running from the Cops, Running from the Cops
11. Animal Collective, Fall be Kind, On a Highway
12. Andy Partridge , Morgan Fisher's Miniatures, The History of Rock and Roll
13. Savage Republic, Jamahiria, Viva le Rock and Roll
14. vivian girls, everything goes wrong, tension
15. Blunderbus, demo, 1
16. CFCF, Continent, You Hear Colours,