Exquisite Corpse Episode February 4, 2010

Ticlkey Feather Mutates into Plunder

7:32am - 9:04am

01. Tickley Feather , HORS D'OEUVRES, Trashboys
02. Tickley Feather , HORS D'OEUVRES, Fly Like an Eagle
03. Tickley Feather , HORS D'OEUVRES, Don't Call Marylin
04. Cobra Killer, Uppers & Downers, Vitamine
05. Tom Leher, An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer , It Makes 06. You Proud to be a Soldier
07. Bullion, Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee, i'm waiting for the day
08. Blank Dogs , Seconds, Keeping all the Time
09. The Actor, Shockwaves Volume 9, Modern Air
10. Dome, 1, Rolling Upon My Day
11. Dead Can Dance, Rare 4ad, Garden of Arcane Delights
12. Don Joyce / Wobbly / People Like Us, And Baby Makes 3 live at KPFA's Over the Edge, 6
13. Cassetteboy, Dead Horse, from this day on
15. Mr Splashypants, demo, 2 excerpts
16. Escape Mechanism , Self Titled, Draining
17. Porest , Tourorists, Meat Supply
18. Evolution control committee, plagiarythm nation, i want a cookie
19. Mutation, Mutation, Fabtasia
20. Stark Effect, Free Speech for Sale, Armor Hot Kids
21. Spacklequeen , Reconstructing Beck, eggs eggs, arms legs
22. Coldcut & Steinski, No Rights Given or Implied, The Motorcade Sped On